Brittney McCray



2021, Monitors, Fabric, and Projected Video, 4’x10′


2021, Wood, Fabric, and Projected Video, 3’x6′


I Politics 

2021, 3:00, Upholstered panels and Projected Video, 51″ x 51″

This video captures video and sound bites of American political figures. The video and audio captures moments when the political figures say the word “I” and abstracts the faces to a point of difficult recognition. 



2020, 4 channel video installation, 10 1/2” x 69 1/4”

This work was influenced by online interactions in the comment sections of social media posts. Instead of gathering words from comments online, I asked one question to a variety of people in my community. After gathering responses, one of three colors were assigned to the words at random. Then, the images were exported and displayed on four separate televisions. Since the televisions run out of sync, the composition changes over time creating new collaborative sentences out of language.


2020, 1:40, sub-licensed cameos, video projection

Many people turn to their devices and celebrity icons for comfort. Cameo is a commercial website that offers personalized messages from celebrities. These two commissioned celebrities, Kate Flannery and Liam Kyle Sullivan, offer encouragement to a community having a terrible year, the year the COVID-19 pandemic began. 

Am I a Murderer?

2020, GIF


Why Are There Flowers Growing out of My Legs?

2020, GIF


Man ascending and descending staircase

2015, Video, 11:24 

Man feeds things to me

2015, Video, 3:55

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